The art of Joe Foo

Ichirou from Scratch 9

Scratch 9 is a really cool comic written by Rob Worley and drawn by Jason Kruse. It is about a cat who is able to summon the assistance of one of his other nine lives when he gets into a pickle. This fun tale is perfect reading for those that are young in age and young at heart.

I drew up one of my favorite characters, Ichirou. He is a Shaolin cat from 489 A.D. (And as Rob states, he’s hot like wasabi!) Ichi is a fun character to draw, so maybe I’ll have a little more time to kick around a few more Scratch 9 sketches in the near future! If you haven’t checked out this great series, run out to your local comic book store and check it out!

Oh, and if you’d like to see the black and white line drawing of Ichi, you can check out Rob’s blog on Scratch 9’s site.