The art of Joe Foo

#DisneySummerSketches final week!


I am entering my final week of my daily sketch challenge where I draw a Disney character every day for the month of July. Little did I know that this would truly be a challenge, because I found myself drawing several of these characters over multiple times until I was satisfied.

Like all of my sketches, all of these were done on toned paper using grey markers and white prismacolors. I also added one accent color to keep these simple and maximize the effect of the toned paper.

In most of my sketches, there is a little something “hidden” that true Disney fans would appreciate. I think there are three sketches that don’t contain this special hidden object… or maybe I hid them so well I don’t remember where they are.

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During the winter last year, I challenged myself to draw one Pokemon a day for 28 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was so much fun I decided to do it again this summer… with Disney characters!



So starting today and running through the entire month of July, I will attempt to draw one Disney character a day. I hope to have a good mix of well known characters and some lesser known ones. Any Disney property is fair game for these sketches, movies, television, comics, Disney Parks, etc.

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